Die Stadt featuring Cyborgdrive
Ja ziemas nakts Lisabona

'Lisabona' played live at the XVII Rendez Vous.

After working with more experimental sounds in my previous work ('Paris', 2012), I wanted, with 'Ja ziemas nakts Lisabona ("If a winter night in Lisbon", in Latvian), to settle a debt I had with the city of Lisbon, which had inspired so many writers and musicians before. I also wanted to dedicate this music to the people we met sometimes, unexpectedly and briefly, but whose memory remains forever. Maybe that is the reason for the themes' gloomy tone.

I contacted Paco Butrón (aka Cyborgdrive) to work on the mastering. I had already worked with him in 'Koninkrijk België' (2011). He got totally involved in the project, not only mastering the audio but also contributing to the composition (in the percussion and lead sections, mainly). He gave the themes a new and unexpected dimension.

It has been a luxury to have the help of Olga B., pianist and founder of the newclassical darkwave band 'Aura Noctis', to finish the theme 'Katja'.

Inspired by the city of Lisbon. Dedicated to Stasya Stepanova, Vaiva Danieliuté, Irmina Majchrzak, Katja Nikolajenko y Sarah Schmidt.

Dedicated to the city of Lisbon, Stasya Stepanova, Vaiva Danieliutė,
Irmina Majchrzak, Katja Nikolajenko and Sarah Schmidt.

Music by Die Stadt featuring Cyborgdrive
except 'Katja' by Die Stadt ft. Olga B. (from Aura Noctis)
and 'Sarah' by Die Stadt.

Mastered and produced by Paco Butrón

Published by Kalma Records

All pictures by Vaiva Danieliutė.
Used with kind permission from
Gurdi Burdi Photografy.